Next In My Bookbag: (Mis)fortune by Melissa Haag (Judgement of the Six Series)

Mis-fortune Melissa HaagThis book focuses on Melissa, another woman of the Six. Like Gabby from Hope(less), there is something different about Melissa. That difference has caused Melissa and her brothers to be held captive for four years.

“Since I hit fifteen, I’d been locked in Richard’s house. A secured house. I didn’t know how to disarm the alarm. As soon as I opened the door to the garage, it would go off.” -Michelle 

The beginning of this book is action-packed and heart-pounding. This is where Melissa meets Emmett changing the trajectory of her life, as well as those of her brothers. The entire beginning of the book is excellent and very engaging.

“Run as fast as you can.” -Richard’s note to Michelle

“The man held me spellbound. I couldn’t look away.” -Michelle

“When I recognized David’s vehicle, I faltered and my stomach sank. Beside me, Aden whimpered, and I gave both their hands a reassuring squeeze. We all know what David’s presence meant.” -Michelle

The middle of the story lags a bit to me. There is not a lot going, and Melissa mentions more than time that she is bored. Unfortunately it feels sort of that way to me, but I like the way the story builds up to the exciting finish,

“Dread filled me. We’d managed to stay hidden for a little more than a month. Why had they found us, now?” -Michelle

This is a good book, and I really like it. It has a couple of first-rate villains, a swoon-worthy good guy, some really great role models, and a young woman, with trust issues, in the middle of it all. Melissa is a great storyteller with original ideas. It will be interesting to read about the rest of the Six.




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