Now in My Bookbag: Shifters & Spice, (A Collection of Short Stories by 20 Major Authors)

This is a great collection, mostly extremely well written. This is a very condensed review of stories 1-8, 9-12, and 20. I derived the overall rating by adding the rating from each story together, then dividing the total by the number of stories reviewed.

(#1) Shadows of the Wolf, by Desiree Holt, is a great take on the typical wolf, shifter story. Very engaging. 4 stars

(#2) Masquerade, by A.J. Bennett, starts very slowly. Gets interesting 2/3 of the way through. It is an incomplete read. 2.75 stars

(#3) Blood Sport, by H.D. Gordon, is interesting. It draws on my emotions, and has likable main characters. Unfinished story 3.5 stars

(#4) The Mismatchmaker: Ruby, by Ever Coming, is quirky and fun. It deals well with self-image and destiny. The characters are unique and interesting, and the story is really good. 4.75 stars

(#5) The Untamed Lord of Thessaly, by Rachael Slate, feels disjointed. It starts slow, is sometimes confusing, and connection to story and characters is difficult. 2 1/4 stars

(#6) Wolf Protector, by Lila Felix, is truly enjoyable. Within family struggles, there is unconditional love. With the love of a son, and a soulmate, it is possible to find a HEA. 4 stars

(#7) Bearing the Hunger, by Dominique Eastwick, has likeable characters, and world-building that is well done. The underlying message of National Park preservation is inventive. 4 1/2 stars

(#9) Bear Faced Lies, by Merryn Dexter, is an enjoyable story that places a high value on loyalty, family and trust. The characters are well-written, the world-building nicely done, and the plot inventive. 4 1/2 stars

(#10) An Evening in The Superstitions, by Kate Richards, the pace of this story is very fast and feels too short, given the subject matter. The world-building suffers slightly from the story’s length. The overall plot, and all of the characters are well-written. 3.75 stars

(#11) The Lion’s Pretend Girlfriend, by Dara Fraser, is so inventive. The characters are written well, the plot is imaginative and the pace is perfect. 4 3/4 stars

(#12) Encounter on a Mountain, by Lisbeth Frost, is an inventive story idea, Survivor meets Shifters. The characters are great, the story unique, and the ending very happily ever after. 4 stars

(#20) Escaping the Lutha, by M. J. Haag, builds a very different pack-world. What an amazing imagination! This has loveable characters (especially Tink), a fascinating world, and a wonderful backstory. It is an excellent read. 5 stars



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