Review of GILDED WINGS (Book #4 and the Epic Finale of The Hidden Wings Series) by Cameo Renae

Guilded Wings cover


After the wind-blowing cliffhanger at the end of TETHERED WINGS, I was so excited to see where this story would go. I have to say that there are a couple of things I expected and much, much more that I did not. I am in love with this book! It is the perfect finale.

With her hands tied, or more specifically the contract signed, Emma is forced to look for answers on her own. This trip to Midway works as an excellent plot device to have Dom, and everyone else by extension, learn the truth about Emma’s dilemma. Learning the truth forces other truths to be outed. The resulting situation is even worse than Emma originally thought. It basically forces all of her feelings into fast-forward mode.

While she definitely wants to choose Kade as her mate, the contract binds Emma to Ethon. In all fairness, Emma really examines her feelings for Ethon and thinks about the future they could have. At the back of her mind, she always remembers that Ethon is the son of Lucifer, and nothing good can come of that relationship. In a moment of remembrance of his own family, Bane decides to tell Emma the truth about Ethon. It is revealed that he has an evil side and that he is Lucifer’s actual son. I believe that this information weighs most heavily on Emma’s mind as she struggles to find a way to take the choice back for herself.

By this point I have figured out that the only way for Emma to get her choice back is for Ethon to die somehow. I waited for it all along through all his battles with Fallen and Hellhounds, but it doesn’t come. Then, the epic battle ensues where everyone is involved in the fight, and every horrific creature from the Underworld is brought along to end Emma’s family. As predicted by Cameo, I cried my way through the fight. Even though I am not a #TeamEthon fan, I am distraught over his death. Emma’s heartbreak helps to fuel my own, and his last words to her had me crying like a baby.

Even though there was plenty of foreshadowing that something would happen to Malachi, I am still dumbstruck and I cry even more when he is killed. However, nothing prepares me for the death of Kade. I have to take a break after he dies to pull myself together. With the story written in Emma’s point of view, her heartbreak and grief become my own. The next revelations, and the return of Kade, make me as giddy as is possible at 2:30am.

The rest of the revelations and happy ending I expect. Once I know that Kade is back and immortal once again, I know we have a happy ending. This was excellent writing. I identify with Emma, Kade and even Ethon. I can relate to pieces of them all. I feel like I am there, a silent observer to the story as it unfolds. The epic battle especially draws me in. I feel like I am right next to Emma watching and waiting. I guess that is why I feel everything so deeply. I can truly appreciate an author who can provide such a story for her readers. Thanks Cameo Renae for the awesome ride and well-told story that has been The Hidden Wings Series.


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4 Responses to Review of GILDED WINGS (Book #4 and the Epic Finale of The Hidden Wings Series) by Cameo Renae

  1. Belle Porter says:

    Does Emma transform in this book?


  2. Peyton says:

    Why Malachi?? 😦


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