My Bookbag Takes a Look at the Runes Series, by Ednah Walters

Runes AudibleRUNES represents a refreshing twist away from a genre flooded with fallen angels, vampires, werewolves and zombies. I am thoroughly engrossed with this story and my introduction to Norse mythology.

This story begins the tale of destiny, of Ragnarok (the end, and the beginning, of the world in Norse mythology. Each of the characters plays a part in that destiny. The more I learn about these characters, the more loveable they become to me.


immortalsIf you look closely at the story of IMMORTALS, you will find many plot lines that relate to your everyday life. With a little thought, you will see that Walters has woven the paranormal into very human concepts. The result is a story that will engage any reader.

Everyone has both light and dark within them. When you are close to someone, you may notice changes, but not attribute that behavior to a darkness you can’t fathom, especially when you have so much going on in your own life.

You will find yourself immersed in a book that will capture you and hold you until the very end.


grimnirsGRIMNIRS is a refreshing look, at the Runes ongoing saga, through Cora’s eyes. Her point of view is well delivered, from confusion over seemingly being in two places at once through learning to trust again and falling in love. Walters does an excellent job conveying a plausible inner, as well as character, dialogue. Learning more about Cora (her family life, her friendships and her capacity to love) adds another layer to the Runes Series. I really like Echo, the newest main character introduced. I like his well-developed backstory and really enjoy the evolution of his and Cora’s love story.

I find GRIMNIRS to be entertaining and very well-written. I recommend this book (in fact, the entire series so far) to anyone who enjoys stories in the new adult, paranormal, romance genres. (There is a CLEAN version of this book, for Young Adult readers)


seeressIn Seeress, Raine has her first premonition when she touches the pendant of Torin’s family crest. This is the first indication that this book contains a story just as personal to Torin as it is for Raine. That is why I wish Walters had written this story with a split point of view. I feel like I would be more connected to Torin’s personal storyline if I were privy to his point of view during, for instance, his two day search for his mother, who he hopes is Immortal. I really feel it would have added another layer to the story. There are many things that I would enjoy following from each perspective.

SEERESS is an interesting read. It is enjoyable, but could be more so. I love this series and Walters is one of my favorite authors. I can not wait to see what happens next.


soulsIt makes sense that, being a beacon for regular souls, Cora would also be a magnet for dark souls. The explanation about dark souls and how they come to be is written clearly and is easy to understand. Dev, whose status as a dark soul falls into the ‘yes and no’ category, makes a very interesting and different character. His backstory and it’s connection to Echo and several of the other Grimnirs brings another layer of understanding to the history of Echo and his people.

One of the things I really love about this book is that I finally get to know Cora’s mom and Dad much better. Their relationship with Cora is so well defined and smile-inducing. The whole family dynamic is well-written and so believable. Her parents’ support of her relationship with Echo is a testament to their love for her. Well-written and engaging!


witchesThis much-anticipated continuation of The Runes Series does not disappoint. Ednah Walters does a masterful job from start to finish. I dove right in and proceeded to read it straight through without stopping (bathroom breaks not included). I can say for certain that WITCHES is a must read, as is the entire series. Entertaining and exciting, this story is everything I hoped for and more.

Finally, I am so impressed with the way Walters overlaps this story with the events in SOULS. The brilliant way she weaves the two together not only provides a different point of view where the two meet, Walters also protects the integrity of each story in its own right. The skill and effort she demonstrates becomes even more impressive on the second read through.


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