Now in My Bookbag: Haven, (Relentless book #5), by Karen Lynch

This book, and series, should be considered Upper YA due to some mature content.

Haven CoverSince Roland Greene was introduced in Relentless, I have wanted to read a book about him. I am very happy that Haven gives him a voice. His story is well written and thoroughly developed.

This book is character driven. The growth of the main players creates a very appealing story arc. Most of the characters are likable, though there are a few that are truly despicable. Those truly villainous characters drive most of the cause and effect of the plot. The main characters are lovable, relatable, and they grow in complexity over the course of the book.

Roland’s story is well written and thoroughly developed, with a pleasantly surprising plot. The book has a good flow. Lynch has authored a very engaging novel that adds yet another flavor to the Relentless Series.


Book Blurb and Author Information:

Things are going well for Roland Greene. High school is behind him, he has a sweet new ride, a good job, and he’s making plans for his future. At eighteen, he’s one of the strongest werewolves in his pack, and he already has more vampire kills than most wolves have in a lifetime. Life is good. Almost.

It’s time for the annual pack gathering. Wolves from all over Maine come to take care of pack business and socialize – and to find mates. Everywhere Roland turns there are unmated females, and as the Alpha’s nephew, he’s prime mate material. The last thing he wants right now is a mate, and he’ll do all he can to stay a free wolf.

Until he meets her.


Product details

Author Biography

Karen LynchKaren Lynch is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.

She grew up in Newfoundland, Canada – a place rich in colorful people and folklore to which she attributes her love of the supernatural and her vivid imagination. She moved to Charlotte, North Carolina years ago and was immediately charmed by the southern people but she says she will always be a newbie.

Though she loves supernatural fiction, she has a soft spot for Charlotte Brontë and Jane Austin. She is a fan of classic rock, country and classical music but her favorite music is the sound of a good thunderstorm or a howling blizzard. Two of her favorite pastimes are baking artisan breads for her friends and spending quality time with her two German Shepherds.

You can visit Karen’s website at

or find her on facebook at

or keep in touch with her on twitter at

or follow her Amazon Author Page

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Incredible Deal, Incredible Series

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Now in My Bookbag: Facing the Lutha, (The Lutha Chronicles Part 2), by MJ Haag

Facing the Lutha CoverFacing the Lutha is such an exciting conclusion to The Lutha Chronicles, and I am very pleased that Haag completed the story that she began in Escaping the Lutha. The characters are fascinating… especially Tink.

The original installment was released as part of the collection Shifters and Spice, which featured stories from twenty different paranormal authors. Haag’s part of the collection is extremely well-written, and has now been released separately from that collection as Part 1 of The Lutha Chronicles.

Facing the Lutha,  is well thought out, and the perfect conclusion to Tink’s and Rogan’s story. Haag adds complexity to their world, and creates thrilling new layers to Tink’s character.

I highly recommend The Lutha Chronicles to readers who love paranormal, shifter stories.  5 stars for Facing the Lutha.

Below are the Amazon links to each part.

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Now in My Bookbag: Storm, (Phantom Islanders, Book 1 – Part 1), by Ednah Walters

Storm Part OneI am very excited by the idea of a pirate-based story, and have looked forward to this release. Before reviewing this installment, I feel I should disclose that I am not a fan of a book released in serial form, (short, multi-parts). The biggest problem I have with this delivery system is the tendency to use part one as an information dump, to provide readers with a lot of background information in as few pages as possible.

During the first few pages of Part One, Storm carries a bit of that curse. Though some of the information is out of context, there are still a lot of facts about Lexi’s circumstance that are dropped in just the first few pages. As soon as Storm enters the picture, nothing of that information is relatable… except her concern for her brother.

However, Storm’s entrance into her life heralds a turning point in the flow of the story. The connection Lexi has with Storm, as well as the magic surrounding him and his people, create an enchantment that draws me in. I am looking forward to the remaining installments, so I can see how their story resolves itself. I truly wish that the entire book was released as a duology, rather than a serial. I feel that the story would have had a better flow, as the beginning might have been less rushed.  3 1/4 stars

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Now in My Bookbag: Torn, (The Pteron Chronicles, Book #1), by Alyssa Rose Ivy

TornI have so looked forward to Hailey’s story. She is such a fascinating character from The Crescent Chronicles. She also makes an appearance in several of the other Chronicles, and is so captivating, she is one of my favorites.

This book does not disappoint. The story adds a complexity to Hailey that the other books do not. There is danger, intrigue, and great imagination displayed in the telling of her story. Ivy does a wonderful job of drawing me in. There are only a couple of things that I felt would have helped with my enjoyment.

In the beginning, it is unclear that much time has passed since the other books in which Hailey plays more than a minor role. It would have helped my understanding at the onset if that had been more apparent. There are also several typos, and editing mistakes, that disturb the flow.

Overall, the book is well done and a good read. The cliffhanger at the end is compelling, and I am looking forward to Book #2.

4 1/2 stars

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Now in My Bookbag: Retribution, (The After Light Series… Book 5), by Cameo Renae

Retribution CoverI have waited anxiously for the final book of The After Light Saga. It is the series that introduced me to the dystopian genre. I so appreciate the strong heroine that Renae imagined Abi to be. I am also very happy that Renae added such vulnerability to Abi. Without it, she and Finn could not achieve such a symbiotic relationship.

This final book in the series is really good. Renae makes an effort to show the way forward for the human race, and she incorporates such imagination and drama leading up to the conclusion. There are a couple of ideas that I felt were a tiny bit unneeded, but the book as a whole flows well.

Renae fulfills my need to know the resolutions for some of my favorite characters from previous books, but leaves me wondering about a couple of others who were foreshadowed to cross paths with Abi and Finn once again.

Overall, I am well satisfied with the conclusion to this fascinating story. 4 stars

I am hosting a giveaway of the entire After Light Saga, (e-books – Kindle Edition), on the My Bookbag Facebook page.  As always, the giveaway is in NO WAY affiliated with Facebook. There is also no affiliation with the author, or her representatives. This is solely my responsibility.

New Release Giveaway

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Now in My Bookbag: Goddess (Runes Series), by Ednah Walters

I just finished my second read through of this book, thus my delay in reviewing.

This book is an enjoyable read. I feel as though it starts a bit slowly, and spends a lot of time rehashing a scene involving Dev. That scene was covered in depth at the end of Gods, the last book in Eirik’s story.

Once Cora goes to meet her birth parents, the book takes on an excellence in storytelling that I have come to expect from author Ednah Walters. However, the story feels unfinished. How will Cora and Echo’s adventure end if this is truly the final installment of their saga?

3.75 stars

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Check Out This Awesome Valentine’s Day Release by Ednah Walters: Goddess

Goddess by Ednah Walters
 Runes Novel, Book 7
Genre: YA Fantasy


Amazon UK:

Cora Jemison has come a long way from her stint in a psych ward and her fear of the dead. A confident Medium, she allows souls to possess her to help them find closure. When she decides to tell her parents the truth, that she still sees the dead and that her fiancé is a soul reaper, the Jemisons reveal secrets of their own.
Her world starts to crumble, the ripple effect threatening to destroy the one thing she can always count on. Her relationship with Echo. Cora must sort through the lies to learn the truth about who and what she is. Only then can she embrace her destiny and claim her soul mate, Echo


USA Today bestselling author Ednah Walters holds a PhD in Chemistry and is a stay-at-home mother of five. She writes about flawed heroes and the women who love them. Whether shes writing about valkyries, pirates, nephilim, or contemporary millionaires and billionaires, love, family, and friendship play crucial roles in all her books.


Her award-winning YA Paranormal RomanceRunes Series
started with Runes and has a total of 9 books to date. The next one, Goddess, is now LIVE.  


Her YA Urban Fantasy seriesThe Guardian Legacy Series is published by Spencer Hill Press (BeaufortBooks). The series focuses on the Nephilim, children of the fallen angels. GL Series started with Awakened and has a total of 4 books.

Ednah also writes Contemporary Romance as E.B. Walters. Her contemporary works started with The Fitzgerald Family series, which has six books, and now focuses on her USA Today bestselling series, Infinitus Billionaires.

When not writing, Ednah travels with her family.
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Now in My Bookbag: Carlos’ Peace, by Melissa Haag

carlos-peace-coverI am completely enamored with the Judgement of the Six Series by Melissa Haag. This series is so intricate, blending six points of view, (one from each book), into one overreaching, complex story.

Haag’s incorporation of a companion series is bold and enlightening. Each new book of the auxiliary series is blended perfectly into the larger story. This brings me to Carlos’ Peace, book five of the companion series.  

His story adds a lot to the series. He is very different from the previous mates to the Judgements. He is a very intense and a bit feral, which makes him rather perfect for Isabelle. In addition to complementing (Dis)Content, Isabelle’s story, Carlos’ Peace adds a lot of foreshadowing leading up to the release of the final Judgement’s book.

Haag has an excellent talent for pairing couples who complement each other well. She uses these companion books to help move the overall story along, as well as dangling carrots for readers of this series. I look forward to the exciting conclusion of this series, and the resolution to all of the questions she has yet to answer.
4.75 stars.

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Taking Care of the Target, As Reported by

Taking Care of the Target by Cindi Madsen…Release Day Event


Cover Design: Makeready Designs

Release Date: January 23, 2017



Vince DaMarco always liked Cassie, the shy waitress who works at the restaurant that serves as a front for his mob boss uncle. Unfortunately, she witnesses a back alley hit, and while fleeing, she’s struck by a truck. Now she’s at the top of the hit list. Desperate to stop anyone who’d draw out Cassie’s death, Vince volunteers to take care of it.

Cassie Dalton has no recollection of her accident, but she’s told she’s lucky to be alive. A few years are missing from her memory, and the unsettling feeling that something isn’t right—along with the creepy sensation that she’s being watched—won’t go away.

Vince shows up right when Cassie needs him most. In a world of confusion, the rugged stranger is the one thing that makes sense. But little does she know, she’s found refuge in the arms of the very man who’s been sent to kill her.

Book Links:

Amazon ~

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About the Author

USA Today Bestselling author Cindi Madsen sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting, revising, and falling in love with her characters. Sometimes it makes her a crazy person. Without it, she’d be even crazier. She has way too many shoes but can always find a reason to buy a new pretty pair, especially if they’re sparkly, colorful, or super tall. She loves music, dancing, and wishes summer lasted all year long. She lives in Colorado (where summer is most definitely NOT all year long) with her husband and three children.

Visit her at, where you can sign up for her newsletter and learn about upcoming releases.

Cindi is the author of YA books All the Broken Pieces, Cipher, Rift, Resolution, and Demons of the Sun, and adult romances Falling for Her Fiancé, Act Like You Love Me, Resisting the Hero, Cinderella Screwed Me Over and Ready to Wed.


Connect with Cindi

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