Now in My Bookbag: Wet (Title #1 in The Beach Bag Collection), by Stacy Kestwick

Author Stacy Kestwick delivers. This is an enjoyable read, with a cliffhanger at the end that forced me to buy and read Soaked, the follow-up book in The Water’s Edge series, before I can move on to the rest of the books in the Beach Bag.

There are a few recurring themes in this story, the most prevelant being independence. Independence from family, for self, for love, from fear… this story reverberates with the desire for some form of freedom.

There is also the search for self, an identity apart from one’s past, and apart from someone else’s expectations. This is especially true for West and Sadie. She also needs to feel powerful in her own life, something that she feels was stolen from her prior to her life on the Carolina coast.

Finally, there is the deep-seated need by many to make their own way, be their own boss, and to love what they do. The passion with which they pursue these goals adds to the enjoyment of the story itself.

Amongst all of these things, Kestwick has written a fun, delightfully decadent, steamy book. There is a lot of incredibly detailed material to provide hot flashes while reading. However, the romance rollercoaster is a bit long.

This is a great start for my Beach Bag! 4 1/4 stars



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