Now in My Bookbag: Love is Come, by Heather B. Moore

I am lucky to have received an advance copy of this book, and was asked only for an honest review in return. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Love is ComeI am absolutely captivated by this historical romance from the Power of the Matchmaker Series. Author Heather B. Moore does an impressive job creating a world that is complete with the attitudes and social norms of the time.

Moore also does a fantastic job making me feel Nelle’s story, which is heartrendingly sad, more so because of the treatment she receives from the family on whom she needs to lean. Her only consolations are the time spent with either Mathew or Pearl. She also finds solace in her music. This is totally relatable for almost every reader, even if they are not musicians. Music is universal in its ability to provide a release for what ails the heart.

Pearl’s efforts to unite Nelle with her match are hard fought, giving the story that much more interest. Her existence is of great import to Nelle, and I find that Pearl is written to provide humor and heart to the book. Moore makes me believe that the deep friendship between the two is as important to Pearl as it is to Nelle.

Finally, Moore gives Nelle a huge capacity for love and compassion, which is like a balm to the pettiness and disdain that Nelle must face throughout the story. I believe that she will become one of my favorite heroines from my plethora of books. 5 stars

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  1. Thanks so much for your review, Karen!


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