Teaser from Heroes, by Ednah Walters

Eirik Book Two (A Runes Companion Series)

TEASER HEROES: (coming March 15th… A deleted scene follows pre-order link)
Whatever special connection Celestia shared with my dragon form, it extended to me. I felt it in every cell in my body. Felt it when she released a shaky breath. When our bodies touched and she trembled. She might fight me, but she belonged in my arms. In my home. In my realm.
“Welcome home.”
I expected her to say this wasn’t her home. Instead, she nestled and sighed, her breath brushing my skin. Heat shot through me. The hug wasn’t enough. I needed more.
“Say something,” I said.
“You complain that I talk too much.”
Not when her breath warmed my skin like that. That I liked.
“I love the sound of your voice, not the things you say. Big difference. So yap away.”
“So you can hear me without really listening to me?”
“I knew you’d understand.”
She laughed silently. Suddenly, I was aware of her chest pressed against mine. My heartbeat spiked and the need to kiss her shot up with it. I wanted to touch her, but her jacket was in the way. I looked down and noticed that it had ridden up and left a thin layer of skin bare. My hand found her skin despite the high-wasted jeans and her top. I stroked it.
She grabbed my hand and moved it, squeezing it hard, but not before I heard the tiny catch in her breath and felt the shiver. I loved it when she reacted to my touch. Sure, it often happened while she was asleep, but it was nice to know she couldn’t control it while awake too.
“Don’t push it, mister,” she warned, but her voice lacked heat.


Heroes are not born. They rise out of love and duty. What if you have to choose? Book 2 of Eirik Trilogy Eirik wants nothing more than to show Celestia—the Witch who pulled him out of the darkness—that his feelings for her are real, but his…

“We should have our first fight.”
She laughed and pushed open the door leading to the store. Lights turned on automatically, responding to our presence. She switched more on.
“We don’t have what they have, Eirik,” she threw over her shoulder. “Okay, I need books, T-shirts, a few Witchy gifts to stop Trudy from making snide remarks about Earth and lack of magic.”
I grabbed her hand and pulled her straight into my arms, an arm circling her waist. I drew closer while she pressed her hands against my chest. At first, I thought she meant to push me away, but her hands fisted and grabbed my T-shirt.
“What do you mean we don’t have what they have?” I asked.
“They are crazy about each other while you and I are…” Her voice trailed off, her eyes widening as they locked with mine. “Friends,” she added, her voice a little breathless.
She frowned. “Acquintances? No, friends. I like friends better.” She spoke faster. “You told me to find someone decent in this town to date. Only a friend would say that after they insulted your present boyfriend.”
“Stop talking.” I stroked the corner of her mouth and her breath caught, her lips parting. My thumb skimmed over her lower lip, the anticipating making my heart pound. I’d wanted to kiss her for so long. “You and I could never be just friends. And Wes wouldn’t know what you want if you didn’t tell him.”
“And you do?” she asked.
Even when she stared at me with uncertain eyes and her heart bet spiked with fear, she challenged me. I loved it. I cupped her nape and lowered my head slowly, giving her time to decide whether she wanted to be kissed or later. I didn’t care if she ran, because I’d chase her and catch her.
“Yes, I do. You want to kiss me, don’t you?”
“No.” The hand gripping my shirt pulled my down as she went on her toes. I lifted her up and a portal opened.
“You are the impossible one,” Zack said, Hayden dragging him into the store. Since her back was to us while he faced forward, he saw us first. He scowled.
“Damn it!” Celestia muttered under her breath. She wiggled out of my arms and smacked my chest. “You talk too much.” Then she marched away. Her cousin smirked.


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