Release Day for AWAKENING, by S.J. West (Book #1 of The Dominion Series)

Author S.J. West has given us generations of worthy Watchers, and their loved ones. In addition, she has let us inside the Brotherhood that many share.

The newest series extension for the beloved Watchers, The Dominion Series, begins today with the release of AWAKENING.   *At the end of the release info, there is a list with exactly the recommended reading order.*

Awakening - Dominion Series While Anna and Malcolm anxiously await the birth of their twins, the universe is besieged by the complications of bringing a corporeal version of Hell into being. As Empress and Emperor of Cirrus, Anna and Malcolm must also deal with the politics of trying to unite those who live in the down-world with the pampered citizens within the cloud cities. Anna quickly learns that changing the way people think can be a daunting task, especially when the princes of Hell attempt to thwart her plans at every turn.

With many of the cloud cities under the tyrannical control of high-ranking demons and princes of Hell, Anna and Malcolm must find a way to force them out of power if the world is ever going to experience real change.

With her new War Angel army ready and willing to do whatever she asks of them, Anna realizes she has the means to take out anyone who stands in her way. Yet, war isn’t what Anna wants. God gave her the War Angels to help advance the human race to the next level in their evolution and to help solve the chaos Helena is causing around the universe.

As Anna gets to know some of the War Angels on a personal level, she begins to understand that they aren’t only there to help her. They are also there to learn what it means to live among humans and adapt to a new way of life. She quickly discovers that they may be angels, but they are far from perfect. Built as machines of war, these particular angels are finding it difficult to adjust to life on Earth. They seem to have as many triumphs as failures, but both Anna and Malcolm attempt to guide them when they stumble. Their assimilation with humanity is vital to God’s plan.

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Reading Order of Watcher Books by Series:

The Watchers Trilogy (Ages 13+): Cursed, Blessed, Forgiven

The Watcher Chronicles (Ages 17+ due to mature content and themes): Broken, Kindred, Oblivion, Ascension

Caylin’s Story (Ages 13+ – Can be read by younger readers without having to read the Watcher Chronicles): Timeless, Devoted

Aiden’s Story (Ages 17+ due to mature content and themes)

Alternate Earth Series (Ages 17+ due to mature content and themes): Cataclysm, Uprising, Judgment

The Redemption Series (Ages 17+ due to mature content and themes): Malcolm, Anna, Lucifer, Redemption

The Dominion Series (Ages 17+ due to mature content and themes): Awakening (January 26, 2016), Reckoning (Spring 2016)


About the Author:

SJ WestOnce upon a time, a little girl was born on a cold winter morning in the heart of Seoul, Korea. She was brought to America by her parents and raised in the Deep South where the words ma’am and y’all became an integrated part of her lexicon. She wrote her first novel at the age of eight and continued writing on and off during her teenage years. In college she studied biology and chemistry and finally combined the two by earning a master’s degree in biochemistry. After that she moved to Yankee land where she lived for four years working in a laboratory at Cornell University. Homesickness and snow aversion forced her back South where she lives in the land which spawned Jim Henson, Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, John Grisham and B.B. King. After finding her Prince Charming, she gave birth to a wondrous baby girl and they all lived happily ever after.


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