Now in My Bookbag: Pointe of Breaking by Sarah J. Pepper and Amy Daws

Pointe of BreakingI was given a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.

I love this book. Pointe of Breaking is a raw and passionate contemporary romance with love, betrayal, money and power.

I love the way authors Pepper and Daws have written Adeline, a prima-ballerina who has a big heart and very little money. They capture her intensity, beauty and emotion, both within dance and life. Leo is a fascinating and complex character, written to show not only who he is but also his journey to get there.

The authors have included enough backstory, ancillary characters and intrigue to create a well-layered story that is a thoroughly enjoyable read. There are still too many typos in this book, but the story is superbly written and its main characters feel very real. I highly recommend it.

4 3/4 stars


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