Interview with Author E.B. Walters

Today I am privileged to interview bestselling author E.B. Walters. She is well known as the author of such contemporary romances as The Fitzgerald Family series and the new Infinitus Billionaire series. The first book in the series, Impulse, is already available for purchase. The second book, Indulge, is available for preorder now and will release on August 4, 2015.

Thank you for having me on your blog.

You are very welcome. I appreciate the chance to ask a few questions for your fans, including me.

Q: How old were you when you wrote your first story?

It was a play in high school, so I was 17

Q: What was your inspiration for Impulse… the Infinitus Billionaire series?

Hmm, what can I say inspired me? Lex, actually. After three years of helping or rescuing a family member here and there, I knew there would be more to him. He couldn’t just be your average billionaire and he couldn’t be the only one. So I thought of giving him a friend and Dom popped in my head. Then I was seeing Sloan, the recluse. Then Rod the man-whore. Finding a reason for them to be friends wasn’t hard.  A common incident and a common enemy did it.

Q: How important are the character names you choose? How do you choose them?

Oh, man, I SUCK at naming my characters. That’s why I ask my street team for names. When I have a character whose name starts with a certain letter, I tend to gravitate towards names starting with that same letter. I’ve used names from my kids’ swim team, the phone book, and the list of names from my kids’ schools. Yeah, I know. Super lame.

Q: Is there a character that has surprised you in some way?

Rake has. He’s the ass-hole, the hard-ass, yet he keeps surprising me. We find out a lot more about him in Indulge.

Q: How many more books do you see in The Infinitus Billionaire Series?

Seven more books, one for each billionaire. So that is nine books.

Q: Your Impulse/Indulge books in the series deal with Jillian’s Hollywood movie stunt work fairly specifically. How did you go about researching this career?

LOL, I read a lot about stunts online and watched videos of stunt sequences.

Q: Where (or when) do you get the most story inspiration?

I’d love to say the news or movies, but that would be bending the truth a bit. I look at a guy… any guy… and my imagination goes into overdrive.  I speculative about his life. If it’s a couple that’s piqued my interest, I weave a story around them, then I add things I’ve heard or read from media.

Q: What does your writing process look like?

First, I try to know my characters. I can take a week listening to them in my head, have an idea where the story starts and how it ends, my characters’ goals, motives, and the main conflicts they’ll overcome to reach their goals. Once I work those out in my head, I sit and I write. I hate plotting on paper. Usually after the first chapter, the characters take over and guide me.

Q: What are your 10 favorite books and why?

Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught… historical romance. She is my favorite  historical romance author.

Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood) because I love tortured heroes and Zsadist made me cry

Any Dark Hunter book by Sherrilyn Kenyon… the stories are amazing

Lauren Blakely’s books because the sex scenes are hot

Bella Andre’s books because the woman knows how to write sexual tension.

Abbi Glines books because she can take anything ordinary and make it extraordinary

Jennifer L. Armentrout Lux books because the woman is a gifted story teller.

The Mortal Instrument books because I fell in love with Jace

Relentless by Karen Lynch because of the uniqueness of the story

Judgement of Six series by Melissa Haag because I love the way she writes Werewolves romance

Thank you again for the chance to learn more about the Infinitus Billionaire series from your point of view, and thank you for sharing your favorite books. I am sure that your recommendations will provide invaluable reading suggestions for your fans.

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