Now in My Bookbag: Roots of Insight (The Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 2) by Breeana Putroff

Roots of InsightQuinn’s story continues in Roots of Insight. Her dreams continue as she is drawn more and more to the gate. It seems Quinn is receiving breadcrumbs that lead to some undiscovered truth. This particular book shows just how much she loves the new ‘family’ she has on the other side. Unfortunately, her compulsion complicates her life on Earth in major ways.

In many ways, this book feels mostly like a bridge between Seeds of Discovery and Thorns of Decision. Quinn has no real insight. There is not a lot of action going on and the adventure factor is pretty low. It feels like Puttroff misses the opportunity to develop daring deeds surrounding the disappearance of Thomas. Roots is more angst than action.


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