Now in My Bookbag” Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles Book 1) by Breeana Puttroff

Seeds of DiscoveryThis book is very enjoyable and a treat for the imagination. There are many elements reminiscent of children’s fairy tales, though it is written for the young adult audience. It also provides an escape into a fantasy world for those in older demographics who enjoy the occasional light read from the YA genre.

The characters are very likeable, with one exception, and adventures are fun. Quinn, the main character, has a very inquisitive nature and feels compelled when there is a mystery to solve. William, another primary character, is an enigma. She can not control the urge to figure him out. There is even more to William than Quinn can image.

She is blown away when she discovers the truth. A whole new world, Eirentheos, opens before her. Quinn’s time with William’s family creates a lasting bond, and she is introduced to a side of him that she has never seen before.

Puttroff weaves an entertaining, fantastical tale of stepping into the imagination only to find that it is real. Through the content in Quinn’s dreams, and the hint that William’s parents are privy to some underlying knowledge, Puttroff creates a whisper of coming plot twists and revelations. This is a delightful read although, due to a specific plot point, this story is appropriate only for the older end of the YA spectrum and up.


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