Next in My Bookbag: Dark Bishop Part 2: Swindle

Dark Bishop SwindleBond and Brownell seem to create quite the conundrum in Jake. There is no doubt that he is a bad man who is egocentric, narcissistic, and psychopathic. But when it comes to Sydney, he can seem loving, caring and committed. He seems to care about his children. How can one man be both?

The truth? He really isn’t. Every thought from his head confirms that he must be in control of everything around him, all the time. And, only he determines the amount, and type, of interest he gives. Bond and Brownell reveal a mastery in the development of Jake as a very complex character.

Sydney is not a dumb girl. She has no skewed moral compass. She is, however, naive. This is how she comes to like and trust Jake. He knows how to use her inexperience in the world to create a bond between them. It is also her innocent nature that causes Jake to hold her in high regard.

There is an element of increasing danger in the aforementioned situation. First, Jake’s juggling act can’t last forever. He has too many players who have their own agendas. Second, no one… not even Sydney… can stay on such a high pedestal without slipping. And third, there is every chance that Sydney or Jake (or both) will end up dead.

I don’t really know. These are the things circling my head as I finish Part 2. Bond and Brownell create a world of possibilities with the combination of Jake and Sydney. I can’t wait to get to END GAME.


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