Next in My Bookbag: Savor (The Empire Chronicles) by Alyssa Rose Ivy

SavorThis exciting book creates an unexpected turn that sets it apart from the other Chronicles books. It deals with ancient legends and mystic origins as well as the importance of tradition and family. It is full of mystery, intrigue, passion, and purpose.

At the heart of it all, Jared and Vera are the newest featured couple in the Chronicles. Their relationship is characterized as passionate, not romantic. The same bickering banter found in the previous book, Stay, seems to define their communication style. They are so alike, they get under each other’s skin.They are, perhaps, the most interesting pairing yet.

Fully trusting only one another, they have to follow the path to Vera’s destiny. Just when the story seems to be headed one way, Ivy drops the monumental, proverbial bomb. Then ends the story with a huge cliffhanger. What is the ripple effect from this secret, and how will it affect the mission? Waiting for the release of Storm is now officially torture.


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