Next in My Bookbag: Dark Bishop Part 1: Pawn -Authors Casey L. Bond and Rachael Brownell

Dark Bishop PawnIn Part 1 of the Dark Bishop novellas, Bond and Brownell set the tone for the books to come. Jake Bishop is a bad man with no evident redeeming qualities. He meets the medical definition of a psychopath, a person with an antisocial personality disorder, especially one manifested in perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior. * It becomes clear early on that this is no fairy tale romance. After all, how can Jake love when he considers himself above everyone else and considers all of life to be a game. Obviously, be believes himself to be the best player.

Sydney is a small town girl who falls under Bishop’s spell. Her dream, like so many others, is to be a Hollywood star. She is quite literally hungry and has no prospects. Then, Bishop walks into her life. Suddenly, she can see what her life could possibly be with Jake. Under the influence of Jake’s whims, Sydney does not realize that she is, thus far, one of his pawns: someone who is used or manipulated to further another person’s purposes. **

There is no predicting what the next novellas will bring until they are read. I suggest reading them as soon as possible. I am absolutely hooked on this story and plan to start the second novella right away! I am excited to discover more…

Bibliography for the definitions of psychopath* and Pawn**


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