Next in My Bookbag: Conduit by Angie Martin

In Conduit, Martin delivers a true twist on the typical psychological thriller. Of course, there is a serial killer who is a psychopath. He chooses his victims based on a strange criterium, though the police never realize what that criterion is. However, the police work is solid, by the book (mostly), and produces solid leads. That, however, is where Martin delivers her interesting twist.

Private investigators Cassie and Emily are very successful, and very good, at what they do. Emily has her own special talents to use when investigating, talents she wants to keep secret. Fairly early in the story, Jake is introduced, and he and Emily find that they have a lot in common. Their stories are engaging, and they all prove important to the story.

It will take an interesting combination of information to bring the puzzle pieces together and stop David, the super creepy and scary serial killer. This book poses some thought provoking questions about what is possible, what is real, and what remains. The story is thoroughly absorbing. This book will appeal to anyone interested in a gripping thriller with a paranormal twist.


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