The Runes Series by Ednah Walters: Reviews Appreciated

Okay, guys, if you’ve read Runes Series and have not posted your review, hurry up so they can hit 500 reviews on Amazon. Amazon uses reviews to decide whose books they push, which explains why those with higher reviews get more exposure.
RunesIMMORTALSGrimnirsSeeressSoulsWitches a Runes Novel                  Runes has 480… 20 more and it will be halfway to the 1000 review goal.
Immortals has 264… 36 more and it will hit the big 300.
Grimnirs hit 200 because of it’s awesome readers, so thank you and don’t stop now!
Seeress has 187… 13 more and it will hit 200… *biting my knuckles*.. so close
Souls hit 100 and is now at 113, thanks to you guys, so keep them coming.
Witches (just released) is at 67 and needs just 33 to make it to 100.

Just within the Facebook group Ednah’s Elite Valkyries alone, we could be at 165 with Souls and Witches, so come on Valkyries. If you are a fan of The Runes Series, you should request to join our the Valkyrie madness at:

Ednah’s Elite Valyries

Gods and MortalsLast, if you’ve read Karen Lynch, Melissa Haag, S.t. Bende’s books and Runes, you can leave a general review on Gods and Mortals, the bundle. All the books are listed on the amazon page link below..


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