Next in My Bookbag: HOPE(LESS) by Melissa Haag (Judgement of the Six Book 1)


This is not your typical book about werewolves. It is a fresh, original, unique spin on a story that has been told copiously. The differences that separate this book from so many others make it much more enjoyable.

” ‘Well, Gabby, I don’t know why men act the way they do around you, but I’d like to help you figure it out.’ ” – Sam

The relationships between Gabby, Clay, Sam, and Luke are complex and intricately woven. The characters themselves are strong and well constructed. The story draws you in, and draws you to these characters as well. It is easy to get caught up in the progression of circumstances as you watch the story unfold.

“His arms circled around me. I felt safe.” – Gabby

” ‘I saw what happened. It worried me…’.” – Clay

The book ends in a huge cliffhanger, making you so frustrated you want to scream. You know a story is well-written when you are invested enough to care about what happens next.

” ‘Gabby, I have a problem,’ he shouted over the roar of an engine. Something popped loudly in the background. Luke swore. The phone went dead.” – Luke’s call to Gabby

This book is well thought out and the plot flows smoothly to make this an easy read. It is enjoyable and creates a strong desire to continue with the series as soon as possible. Melissa Haag is to be commended for a story that is certainly worth 5 stars.

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The next read is (Mis)fortune – (Judgement of the Six Book 2)… Purchase Link… Amazon


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