Next in My Bookbag: WITCHES (A Runes Novel) by Ednah Walters

Witches a Runes Novel

*****SPOILER ALERT*****   *****SPOILER ALERT*****

This much-anticipated continuation of The Runes Series does not disappoint. Ednah Walters does a masterful job from start to finish. I dove right in and proceeded to read it straight through without stopping (bathroom breaks not included). I can say for certain that WITCHES is a must read, as is the entire series. Entertaining and exciting, this story is everything I hoped for and more.

This is about Raine’s abilities and her determination to take control of her own destiny, to stand her ground against her Norns as well as the evil Norns. Both terrifying and affirming, she goes all in to protect Beau and the people she loves. There is one thing that bothers me about Raine’s behavior. Does the dagger really make her power-hungry? She walks a fine line between good/bad witch at times. I am unsure whether this is foreshadowing events from a future book or simply part of her learning experience.

This is also a story of Raine and Torin’s love and their journey to bind their souls forever. Circumstances lead to a race down the aisle to thwart the Norns’ plans for Raine; but more importantly, to grant Tristan’s last wish. While the ceremony may not have been everything Raine dreamt of, it was sweet and intimate. It bothers me that Cora wasn’t involved. I don’t understand why she wasn’t whisked away in the same way as Raine.

Finally, I am so impressed with the way Walters overlaps this story with the events in SOULS. The brilliant way she weaves the two together not only provides a different point of view where the two meet, Walters also protects the integrity of each story in its own right. The skill and effort she demonstrates becomes even more impressive on the second read through.


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