HUNTED: The Guardian Legacy “Yours Always, Mine Forever.”


Walters Ednah Hunted GL3Captivating from the beginning, there is a lot of action throughout the book, new characters introduced and a very different Lil. There is an underlying story of inexplicable, unconditional love even in the face of betrayal and even evil.

There is excitement and action almost immediately with the arrival of the ‘crackling-cloud demon.’ When faced with the adversary again, Lil is stripped of all her memories from the prior four months… including the just concluded vows exchanged with Bran to choose him as her official mate.

“Yours always, mine forever.”

Lil becomes one with the Kris Dagger as the powers and ancient writings transferred from the dagger to her body. She is preparing to become a vessel for the Goddess Xenia. Lil just does not know why. Lil is led through ‘learn by experience’ lessons. It is revealed that the ‘crackling-cloud demons’ are actually avenging angels. When the time comes for Xenia to become one with Lil, it is to face the Tribunal… the court responsible for sending the angels to kill Lil.

Gavin betrays Bran and Lil, misrepresenting them and all Guardians, in the original tribunal. He tries to force the couple to join the demons to save themselves and any other Guardian facing the Tribe. Despite Bran’s disillusionment from Gavin’s betrayal, Bran will always love and care for his brother. Although Lil does not want to care about Valafar, who only wants to use her and the Kris Dagger, he is still her father. Therefore, she will always care.

The story is exciting, thought-provoking, and poignant. There are battles, lessons about the balance between good and evil, and a heartbreaking ending. When reading the ending, everything after the big battle, I cried an almost steady stream of tears. I believe I will be sad over the story’s conclusion until the next book, which I hope will undo my heartache.


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