BETRAYED: a Guardian Legacy Book by Ednah Walters Has Everything It Takes to Make a Great Story


BETRAYED is a great book, gripping and page-turning. There is intrigue and betrayal at every turn… mysteries to be solved and relationships to mend (or not).

Walters Ednah Betrayed GL2Walters shows us that the definition of family does not have to include blood relation by developing the team dynamic, just as she further develops each character. It is obvious that the team has become a family. They bicker, make-up, say the wrong things at the wrong times, even keep secrets from one another, but stand united against any outside threat to the family.

Until Bran tells his secret to Lil, I am constantly thinking, “Why is he being such a jackass? Just tell her already!” Refusing to tell her the truth is a betrayal of their promise to never keeps secrets from each other. Making things worse, Lil meets Bran’s ex, Solange.

“Even her name, Solange, sounded sexy and exotic.” -Lil

The Guardians are being betrayed by one of their own. Who is the guide and how much secret information has the traitor given away? What would bring one of their own community to betray them all?

Valafar commits the biggest betrayal of all. He gives Lil a sliver of hope that he really cares about her then shows he only wants to use her as a pawn. This revelation is hammered home during the exciting conclusion of the story, which includes Bran fighting for his life and soul, mortal combat style.

“I rounded on Valafar. ‘This was your plan, all along. I get to watch Bran die, then avenge his death and become the winner.'” -Lil

This ending is captivating and heart-pounding. Betrayed draws you in. You can’t put it down because you are dying to know what happens next. Definitely a must read.

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