SEERESS by Ednah Walters


SeeressRaine has her first premonition when she touches the pendant of Torin’s family crest. This is the first indication that this book contains a story just as personal to Torin as it is for Raine. That is why I wish Walters had written this story with a split point of view. I feel like I would be more connected to Torin’s personal storyline if I were privy to his point of view during, for instance, his two day search for his mother, who he hopes is Immortal. I really feel it would have added another layer to the story.

In addition, I am not a real fan of Raine as portrayed in this book. She is combative, mean and hurtful in her dialogue. This does not seem to be the Raine portrayed in the previous books. She is childish one minute and adult the next. I don’t know if she has let her status as a Seeress go to her head, but she needs to stop treating those around her with disrespect. As her powers increase, she really needs to learn how talk through issues instead of yelling through them and then stomping away.

I wish I could have followed the battle through both Raine and Torin’s perspective. Especially since the most interesting parts of the confrontation are the separation of Torin’s mother’s soul from his evil, Immortal father and the battle between Torin and his father.

SEERESS is an interesting read. It is enjoyable, but could be more so. I love this series and Walters is one of my favorite authors. I can not wait to see what happens next.


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