Cora’s Story… GRIMNIRS by Ednah Walters

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GrimnirsGRIMNIRS is a refreshing look, at the Runes ongoing saga, through Cora’s eyes. Her point of view is well delivered, from confusion over seemingly being in two places at once through learning to trust again and falling in love. Walters does an excellent job conveying a plausible inner, as well as character, dialogue. Learning more about Cora (her family life, her friendships and her capacity to love) adds another layer to the Runes Series.

I really like Echo, the newest main character introduced. I like his well-developed backstory and really enjoy the evolution of his and Cora’s love story. I also like the way he and Cora become connected in the same way as Raine and Torin. When Cora is upset or in danger, Echo feels it in his heart and responds.

I feel so sorry for Eirik, who is mostly a nice guy (deity). From the previous story (IMMORTALS), I know that he is marked with evil runes as he sleeps. Prior to this, he is a sweet, kind and considerate individual. His plan is to spend time in Asgard with his grandfather Odin and then return for Cora, whom he loves. Learning that Cora is in love with Echo leaves Eirik heartbroken. He feels despondent and chooses to go to Hel to meet his mother and father. This is very worrisome to me because I like Eirik a lot. He is an endearing character who deserves more.

I find GRIMNIRS to be entertaining and very well-written. I recommend this book (in fact, the entire series so far) to anyone who enjoys stories in the new adult, paranormal, romance genres.


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