Feel the ‘lure’ of Book #1 in The Allure Chronicles by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Lure -Allure Chronicleslure is the follow up to the introductory novella, Seduction’s Kiss, which Ivy has included at the front. Read the novella first. It contains necessary information needed to make sense of some things in lure.


I find lure an enjoyable read. It is mostly about Daisy and her journey to find Owen.

As before, New Orleans brings strange to Daisy. Though there is no Owen there, she finds suspicious changes in ‘ownership’ of the art store, voodoo store and vampire bar, which somehow seems important. I will have to wait to see if these things are important. Of course, New Orleans is where she meets The Allures.

I wish I had a better understanding about them. When reading, I find the information about them is vague and delivered piecemeal. This makes it difficult to keep up with what is going on with them. However, Ivy does a great job foreshadowing the truth about Daisy’s transformation. This is delivered in a linear and understandable way. It leads me to the ultimate revelation which both confirms my suspicions and delivers an unexpected twist. I feel that this is well-written and gratifying to me as a reader.

My favorite plotline, by far, is the reunion of Daisy and Owen. Just the right amount of awkward, sweet and then builds to the hot and heavy night of their dreams. I am hopeful that they will stick together and eventually find a way to cleanse Daisy of the Seduction’s Kiss so they can get their happily ever after.

Other than the rather vague Allures, this is a very detailed account of Daisy’s journey back to Owen. As I said previously, lure is an enjoyable read, especially for this reader who has followed certain of these characters from The Crescent Chronicles and The Empire Chronicles.


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