IMMORTALS by Ednah Walters Very Relatable

IMMORTALSIf you look closely at the story of IMMORTALS, you will find many plot lines that relate to your everyday life. With a little thought, you will see that Walters has woven the paranormal into very human concepts. The result is a story that will engage any reader.

When someone has been a very close friend, it is easy to miss small changes in their behavior if those changes mean that that person has become someone unrecognizable. You refuse to believe that your friend has become someone who could be cruel, sadistic, and dangerous. It is this emotional attachment that blinds Raine to the Cora who is all of the aforementioned things, even after Cora is trapped by runes at Raine’s locker.

Surely you have realized that everyone has both light and dark within them. Sometimes that individual won’t realize at first the thing that brings out the dark within. You will often find that someone’s sour mood effects those around them. This is what happens to Eirik, of course his dark is evil and causes complete chaos.

My brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor about ten years ago. He fought for his life by every means available but he died in February of 2009. You must realize that I would still have a little more time with him if I could. Torin does just that for Raine, and her mother and father.

Walters has taken all of these topics and infused them with the supernatural creating a story that is both fantasy and reality. You will find yourself immersed in a book that will capture you and hold you until the very end. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with Norse mythology before you sit down to read IMMORTALS. It will enhance your reading experience.


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