My Review of FOREVER HERS (Book 5 of The Fitzgerald Series) by E. B. Walters

Forever HersFOREVER HERS is an extraordinary story that highlights serious issues like abuse, stalking, and abandonment with the gravity they deserve. At the same time, Walters weaves these issues into an interesting narrative centered on the three main characters. This book is one of my favorite of The Fitzgerald Series, mainly because of the way Walters delivers the backstories that shape Eddie, Amy and Raelynn.

The common thread for each of them is a lack of trust having been let down in a major and life altering way. Amy’s distrust is a result of both her fear of Nolan and the heartbreak of having her own parents refuse to believe her about Nolan’s abuse. Eddie has a wall of distrust built around his heart because his mother abandoned him, and he does not believe in love that lasts. Therefore, he avoids the possibility of love completely.

The way Walters writes about the aftermath left in the wake of such serious life events is very plausible and is written in an engaging way. The journey of each character from ingrained distrust to trust and love is enjoyable and fascinating. It is always heartwarming when Walters characters realize they love each other. This is so much more so because of Raelynn and the love she gives to, and gets from, Eddie as a father figure.

All that is left to make this story have a completely happy ending is for Amy and Eddie to resolve the conflict with their parental figures. Of course, Walters delivers here as always. Though those relationships remain in repair, the foundations are built.

Walters has a way of delivering happy endings that rarely feel forced. This story is written masterfully, so I remain captivated throughout.


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