In love with IMPULSE by E.B. Walters **SPOILERS!**

IMPULSE coverThe story of Lex and Jillian is unconventional and beautiful. What is it about Jillian that captures Lex immediately, even though she is nothing like his usual “type”? He feels a kindred spirit unlike he ever has before. He knows she will be a match for him in every way. It takes very little time to fall for her completely. The question is, can he keep her?

Jillian feels a strong sexual connection to Lex from the beginning. What’s not to like about a gorgeous guy on a motorcycle, especially to a Hollywood stuntwoman? However, she sees a hint of something else, and it scares her. She is used to a life filled with temporary. When the unconventional relationship begins, and Jillian is drawn to Lex, she wonders how she will leave without a broken heart.

The relationship itself is loving and sweet as well as steamy and erotic. Their sex is sometimes described as sweet, slow and sensual…making love. Other times however, the sex is OMG STEAMY, graphic, erotic, and HOT! However, the sex is not written without purpose… no sex just for the sake of sex. When a sexual encounter is written, it is to further tell the story of the growing attraction, bond, and trust in their relationship.

I thought the additional characters and budding storylines revealed during the story were great in that they provide a glimpse of what to possibly expect in book two. Obviously the focus of book two will be Lex and Jillian.There is just a glimpse of the potential family drama awaiting. Also, there is sure to be more getting to know “the boys”.

I love this book so much. It is so well-written, I feel like I really know Lex and Jillian by the end and I am just getting to know the secondary characters. I look forward to getting book #2. WOW!


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