Alyssa Rose Ivy Delivers Again in SEDUCTION’S KISS

Seductions Kiss -Allure SeriesI have long been a fan of Alyssa Rose Ivy’s work.

Although the paranormal is woven throughout this story, it is written in such a way as to feel real… possible. The book is well-written and the story has great flow.

The characters are believable. I particularly enjoyed the way in which the character of Daisy was slowly uncovered throughout the entire book. I was able to learn the way she thinks, interprets, and what really drives her. I feel this will be of great importance leading into the next part of the story.

I find it very interesting that she sells herself short, feeling herself a coward… a door mat. Yet, as a reader, I see her bravery as she puts her pride on the line to speak to Owen. When Shaun tried to have sex with her against her will, she may not have slapped him, but she sure as hell told him off. She ventured out alone in a city she didn’t know. There are so many continuing examples that show me just how brave she really is. Its really too bad that her entry into the paranormal world had to be so disturbing for her.

I was a bit disappointed that Daisy and Owen didn’t “find” each other until the last few pages of the book. I am not sure I understand the reasons for this decision. I would have liked more of a glimpse into their beginning, especially since I learned almost nothing about Owen from The Crescent Chronicles nor The Empire Chronicles.

I am dissatisfied that Owen isn’t brought together with Daisy a tad bit sooner to give me, the reader, a better understanding of what to expect in the next book of the series.

Although I am disappointed with the way an introduction to Owen was made, I do agree that in using a slightly different format, Alyssa delivers characters I love while keeping the stories fresh and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am very much looking forward to the next book in the series. I just can not get enough. I will gladly add this book to my Alyssa Rose Ivy Collection.


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