5 Stars! Awesome Story – Fantastic Writer

This is a well written story that will appeal to a wide range of readers. I really liked the concept of this story. I myself found it thoroughly enjoyable.


Maggie was introduced as a self-imposed loner since her mother left out of the blue one day. When she left, she took all their money, including Maggie’s college fund. Her father suddenly became a catatonic who was no longer a father to Maggie. It was like losing both parents at once. Her father stopped going to work and lost his job. When he finally decided to go back to work, he was making a quarter of his previous income. That forced Maggie to get a job, taking up much of her time. Lastly, her long-time boyfriend, Chad, broke up with her days after her mother left. I understood… I would want to be alone as well.

I liked the way Caleb was introduced and I thought it was a smart choice to reveal the concept of the Significant very early in the story. Shelly spun a fantastical web related to that foundation. Maggie accepts what she is told and shown as if a part of her already knew it to be truth. The large, close-knit family offers Maggie everything she has ever wanted in a family. Caleb offers everything she has ever needed in someone to love, even though she never realized it.

One of the elements I really liked was the way the story of the diner was woven into the main storyline. The people in the diner provided a pseudo-family for Maggie when she had none.

There are certain things that I felt must be related to Maggie becoming a Significant. Suddenly her father is no longer catatonic and suddenly her mother called out of the blue wanting to come home. I would be surprised if those things don’t end up playing a part in one of the books of the series.

Introducing the Watson family as the villains, Shelly built a great conflict and resolution. It also allowed a perfect reason for the introduction Bish, who I thought would end up being the Significant for Jen somewhere in the story.

Finally, I never liked Kyle. He seemed slimy and creepy from the very beginning and even worse by the end of the book. There is something off about him.

I LOVED this book and I am so looking forward to reading the rest of the series.


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