Healed by Becca Vincenza: Mixed Feelings

HealedI liked Elijah from the previous series book, Damaged. More to the point, I liked the Elijah portrayed after the ‘mind-meld’ with Audrey, after Elijah began to show a capability of feelings even though he refused it admit it. I liked Valentine. How could I not? She was such a likeable, caring character, feeling a connection to her was almost a given. In addition, the mystery of her rebirth species was very hard to resist.

The fact that she could feel his underlying emotions didn’t surprise me, but here is where I had the problem. It was hard to believe that she could fall in love with the Elijah who was still the wraith who would torture people, kill them and then steal their souls. Given the species she was, this part of the story seemed unbelievable. It would have been totally believable that she could care a lot about him given how he was protective of her.

It seemed much more logical that she would fall for the Elijah hybrid who emerged after Val healed him. It also seemed logical that the Elijah hybrid was a mix of Caleb, the original owner of the body, and Elijah the wraith. I felt that was the reason there was a sentence or two dedicated to Caleb suddenly asking Val to save him. The Elijah hybrid was more human, ate human food rather that human terror, and slept (something that keeps human body’s from breaking down).

In the end,no matter how it happened, I was happy that Elijah and Val found each other.

It seemed that there was much more to Ami’s story… from even before her kidnapping. I decided to trust Author Becca Vincenza to provide that story.


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