My Review of Aiden’s Story (Part of the Watchers series) Author: S.J. West

Aidens Story

I love the Watcher books by S.J. West, and I’ve read all of the books attached to the storyline. I was very excited to finally get Aiden’s StoryI very much enjoyed learning about some of Aiden’s past.


I enjoyed learning about Aiden’s awakening, how he earned his reputation as a fierce and skilled warrior and how much he loved Andel. I also found it very interesting that Malcolm was the first angel to help Aiden learn a valuable lesson while in Heaven. It was surprising how much and how often Aiden’s and Malcolm’s lives intersected over the years following the fall. It make so much more sense of the fact that Aiden turned to him for help when he wanted to kick his sex addiction.

I was grateful to know about the beginning of Aiden’s life on Earth and was sorrowful that his feelings for Hanah, Gil and Calev changed him from an angel with purpose to something monstrous. It didn’t feel fair that love itself should create a monster. Aiden truly loved Hanah and loved feeling a part of Calev’s family.

I enjoyed meeting Aiden’s friend Kate. She was awesome, fearless and loyal. She never let Aiden feel like a monster in her presence, even after he almost killed her. She loved him as only a best friend could, and I think her death had a deep effect on him. I think her influence made Aiden think he might become something better than what he was. Of course, meeting Lily and having God give the fallen a second chance made the biggest difference because it gave Aiden hope for redemption.

I had hoped that the book would have a more equal balance of past, present and future. I know that is just my personal preference. Because ‘the past’ is written in journal form (which by the way was well-devised), it is understandable that Aiden’s story would be more heavily weighted in the past.

I was disappointed that Aiden’s journal used chunks and pieces of Timeless and Devoted when trying to describe how he feels about Caylin. There was just a little too much of that to suit me. Since I have been such an avid reader of the entire collection, it was easy to recognize the pages of dialogue that were repeated in Aiden’s journal. I definitely agree that his journal should include a synopsis of his feelings during their romance up til his ‘present’, but from a different perspective that assumes Caylin remembers what happened during the past couple of years.

I thought the ending, which is all of the present and future we get, felt rushed. I would have liked to learn a bit more about Caylin and Aiden’s life together between marriage and the birth of Kate (which I think was an awesome choice for a name). During Timeless and Devoted, much was made of the importance of Caylin’s lineage, I wanted to at least have mention of the next generation or two after Kate.

Although well-written overall, this book is not my favorite of the books related to this storyline. If possible, I would probably rate this book somewhere between 3.8 and 3.9. Keep in mind, though, that there are now 14 books through which this story is told. Out of 14 books, there can only be one favorite. For me it was the book that started it all, Cursed. That book set the bar pretty high.

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