My Review of WICKED by Jennifer L Armentrout

First let me say that this review will contain some SPOILERS!! Also it must be said that this book is definitely a New Adult book due to language, graphic sexual content and some violence. If this were a movie, I would rate it an R.


With all the warnings duly posted,  I want to talk about this book and what makes it so great. Imagine your life is a study in tragedy. Your life is peppered with the death of the only five people you have ever loved. Your career, passed to you by lineage over hundreds of years, is to hunt and kill beings that are not meant for this dimension. In other words, your life is blanketed in death.

Ivy feels the spirit of the hunter inside her, but it does not define her. She correctly feels that she is more than just her birthright. The demons of her past cause Ivy to create a shell in which to live. She has three friends, one of which is a Brownie, and she fights like hell to keep it that way. She refuses to love and is even uncertain that she wants the friends she has. Her thinking on this matter is totally understandable, but no one can keep everyone out forever… not even Ivy.

Ren’s life is also built on sorrow and death. The circumstance of his best friend’s death eats away at his soul every day since its occurrence. His heritage is to deal death not only to beings from the Otherworld, but also to humans born as halflings… like his best friend. Most halflings don’t even know what they are, yet they must be eliminated before they can be used by the fae to take over this world. Understandably, Ren is torn between the duty he feels and the feeling in his gut that it is murder to kill the halflings.

Need draws Ivy and Ren together, but there is something deeper in their relationship that is fated. It is a well-woven story that brings all of the elements of this book together while masterfully developing their characters. The ending is a major cliffhanger. Waiting for TORN, the next book in the series, is already driving me crazy. I say well done to Jennifer L Armentrout.


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