My Review of DAMAGED (Rebirth Series #1) by Author Becca Vincenza **Spoiler Alert**


**Some Spoilers**

I really like this book. I find it to be engaging and believable. Other than typos and grammatical errors, it is a well written start to a book series. When completely involved in a good read, I find that grammar errors in particular can be distracting. One example, from page 41, kindle: “I left Nixie in the cafeteria, when I got there only did I realized that I told her to report to Jacobs.”

In addition, for this particular book, I find the Prologue to be unneeded and a bit confusing. Reading it before starting the book is slightly confusing. After reading the book, I go back to the Prologue and read it again. Only then does it make any real sense. I think that the short bit of information contained there would be better introduced during the telling of the story, such as when Nixie and Stone explain to Audrey about the paranormal world.


In a slightly dystopian world run by paranormals, Audrey and Stone (Gabriel), find each other and are drawn together like soul-mates. Neither are aware of what is happening because neither one is aware that good things like that really exist.

Both have had a really dark past that sets the tone of the story. Audrey, especially, is scarred on the inside as well as the outside. Her character is introduced as withdrawn, afraid, and full of mistrust. Stone is a “soldier” from a special elite force. He doesn’t feel, care, involve himself, or think for himself. However, the encounter between the two begins to break down each one’s barrier.

They are falling in love, yet neither one knows it. They only know that they feel drawn to one another. Stone risks everything to save Audrey. Eventually, she does the same for him. He lets himself feel, so he is able to confess his love for Audrey. She lets herself trust, so she is able to confess her love for Stone. They realize that they have a lot of things in common that further bind them together.

Along the way, Audrey makes a best friend (Nixie) and reunites with her father (Drake). He is a dragon who can also maintain a human form.

The rest of the story contains the details that educate me about the competing clans, the different types of paranormals and the guidelines by each clan operates. There is also a very exciting conclusion. I won’t spill any more specifics because I think you should add this book to your reading list to find out for yourself.


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