12 Days of Watcher Christmas

Cursed: The Watchers Trilogy

Putting this post up early so everyone gets a chance to see it.

Below you will see the Christmas ornaments you get to choose from.
Each one has a number written on the back which correlates directly with the prize you will win. Numbers were randomly placed on the back of the picture frames.

And yes, you will also be mailed the picture ornament you choose.

Picture one: Starting at top left and going around to the right – Lilly, Brand, Mason, Malcolm, Anna, and Jess.

Picture two: Starting at the top and going around to the right – Caylin, Aiden, Utha Mae, Lucas, Tara, and Will.

Here are the rules again in case you missed it the first time around.

How to Play:

A random question will be asked each night from the Watcher series of books. All questions will be MULTIPLE CHOICE. For example, if I give you the following question:

What was Lilly’s last name?
A) Nightengale
B) Mosely
C) Tanner

I want you to send me the letter associated with the right answer. In this example, you would simply send me a private message and type in the letter ‘A’.

How the Winner will be Chosen:

The first 12 people to send me the correct answer will have their names placed in my Christmas Mickey Mouse, and my daughter will pull a random name out to choose the winner. Once you have won a prize, you are NOT allowed to play again. I hope by doing it this way everyone will have a fighting chance to win a Christmas goodie.

How the Winner will Pick Their Prize:

I will have twelve Christmas ornaments each assigned a character name. I will randomly write a number on the back of the ornaments, and those numbers will correlate with the prizes listed below. The number assignment will be totally random. So, don’t think that if you choose the “Malcolm” ornament that you will be getting the “I Wish Malcolm was Cooking!” apron. That apron might very well be assigned to the Tara ornament. Everything will be random.

What Character Names Can You Choose From:

Lilly, Brand, Malcolm, Anna, Tara, Will, Utha Mae, Jess, Mason, Caylin, Aiden, Lucas

When will Prizes be Mailed Out:

As long as I have the book requested on hand, I will mail all prizes out on Dec. 13. If I do not have the book requested, there will be a delay in the book but not the item prize.


1. Apron “I wish Brand was Cooking!”
2. Apron “I wish Malcolm was Cooking!”
3. Watcher Totebag + Signed Book
4. Watcher Totebag + Signed Book
5. Coffee mug + choice of Signed Book
6. Coffee mug + choice of Signed Book
7. Oval Keychain + choice of Signed Book
8. Silver Watcher Thermos
9. White Watcher travel mug
10. Watcher Notebook + Signed Book
11. Pink Watcher Bear + Signed Book
12. One Series Set of Signed Books

Also, this particular game is only open to those living in the USA. International shipping is just too much for me at this time.

Hope you have a chance to play with me tomorrow night!

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