Search (The Empire Chronicles #2) by author Alyssa Rose Ivy

SEARCH Alyssa Rose IvyIn the 2nd installment of The Empire Chronicles, all of Ms. Ivy’s characters are searching for something… mostly answers.

Casey just learned she isn’t human. For nineteen years she has unknowingly been living a lie. She is searching for answers, searching for her sister, searching for a way to trust and love Toby with all of her heart.

Toby is searching for a way to reach all of Casey’s heart. He is searching for a life with Casey… a real life full of forever love. He is trying to find answers for Casey.

Jared and Vera are searching for redemption. Jared feels the weight of his heartless lifestyle as well as his perceived failure as the kings security chief. Vera is drowning in the guilt she feels for failing to protect Casey from the dangers of the supernatural world. She also seems adrift and searching for a purpose.

Ultimately, the “search” becomes something very tangible when Casey is kidnapped. That is also the catalyst for answers, second chances and better self-awareness.

I really enjoyed this book. The story felt real in a sense. I could ‘feel’ the characters and found myself completely drawn into the “reality” of their situations as they developed. There is nothing quite so inviting as the feeling I get when able to completely lose myself in the world of the authors making. When I feel as though I truly know the characters, that I am among them as they journey through the story, then I find complete satisfaction in the book.

I found this book to be completely satisfying and recommended it with 5 of 5 stars.


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