The Watchers (Watcher series book #1) by author Lynnie Purcell (Some Spoilers)

When I decided to join the world of Kindle digital download books, I thought it would be wise to start with inexpensive, well-rated options. Since I had recently found myself enjoying young adult and new adult fantasy/sci-fi books, I decided to start with a book called The Watchers by Lynnie Purcell. It was on sale for .99 and I figured that wasn’t much to pay if I didn’t like it. Happily, I found that I got a great deal.

The Watchers-The Watcher Series-Lynnie Purcell

I was looking for a story into which I could escape… a fantasy that included some romance, strong friendships and families and a good triumphs over evil plot. That is exactly what the author provides in a well-written, well-executed storyline. There are characters to love, characters to like, and characters to hate.

This is a well developed world slowly revealed to the reader. As fascinating and engrossing as the world is, it pales in comparison to the relationships developed and revealed throughout the book. Clare finds herself popular due to her novelty and her growing friendship with new best friend Alex. It is further cemented with her growing romance with the very popular and mysterious Daniel. The dialogue and inner monologues are witty and create an upbeat vibe in what could be very serious plotlines.

Also, there is an uplifting, close and loving relationship between Clare and her mother Ellen. She and her mother have been each other’s support system since Clare was born. She is the one person in Clare’s life who knows all her secrets… until she realizes she shares her fate with Daniel. He is like her, he loves her, and with their joining they know each other’s most intimate secrets.

During the climax of the book, the author provides many interesting twists. It was very surprising when the nemesis is revealed. Also, it is very unexpected to see the power unleashed by Clare to protect Daniel and get out alive. In the end, it is through the bonds of deep friendship and deeper love that all of them are saved.

I found this book to be a good read… just what I wanted. I already read this book again and found just as much enjoyment as before. I am glad I took a chance on a book I got for such a great bargain.  Definitely recommend.

I found three more books that complete the Watcher Series, The Seekers, The Saints, & The Last. Look for reviews of these books individually before I do an overall “how did this series work out” blog. I will say that I was very pleased with the works by Lynnie Purcell and look forward to more stories woven from her imagination.


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  1. libbycole007 says:

    Isn’t Kindle great? I love it for publishing my books because I feel like it’s such a better deal for both the writer and the reader. So many good options at your fingertips!


  2. KarenM says:

    Reblogged this on My Bookbag.


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